Personal Projects Showcase

In this post I showcase all my personal projects that I built during the past few years.

My personal projects list


VoidZero is an open-source live chatting application that I was working on. It's built using Node, Express, MongoDB, Next.js and Typescript. In this app, users can create accounts and chat with each other in real-time. Web sockets were used to make the live chatting functionality work. I was live streaming while making this app.

Github Link:

Below is an image of this app.


NextBlog is a small blogging app where users can write blogs and other users can read them. It was built using Next.js, Typescript, MySQL and Django. Users can create blogs, edit them and remove them as well. There is a editor built in so users can easily write and format their blog.

Github Link:

Below are a few images of this app.


Blog page


This is an open-source login system where users can log in using Email, Password and also can log in using their google account that has the same email address. It was built using Node, Express, MongoDB and React. I made it as a tutorial so beginners can learn this from my youtube.

Github Link:

Below is demo

Figma / Design To HTML, CSS Projects

These are some of the Design to Code projects I made in the microverse boot camp program. You will see professional github flow being used in these since they are recent.

  1. Portoflio Figma Design To Code

    Design Link:

    Live Demo Link:
    HTML,CSS Code That I Wrote:

    (Note: this is not my professional portfolio project it's just a design to code type of project that I made. My actual portfolio is and is made using 11ty.js and Netlify CMS and it's a private repo in my github.)

    Below is an image of the design

  2. Music Concert Design To Code

    Design Link:

    Project Link:

    Live Demo Link:

    Below Is A Demo Of My Final Design to HTML, CSS Converted Site