About Me

I am Alvee.

Greetings! My name is Alvee, and I am an ambitious and passionate developer who is committed to learning and growing in the field of coding. I have already immersed myself in programming and continually seek opportunities to expand my knowledge.

I began my coding journey in 2018, where I learned the fundamentals of programming such as variables, functions, loops, etc. Soon after, I started learning React JS, including HTML and CSS, and built small projects by following tutorials. Despite being occupied with studies, my passion for coding persisted, and I spent all my free time on development. I also love streaming on Twitch and creating tutorial videos related to coding for my YouTube channel.

My main code editor is VS Code, but I also use Sublime Text for its faster performance. I enjoy solving coding problems on platforms such as Codeforces, HackerRank, and LeetCode, mainly using C++ and JavaScript. In my free time, I enjoy building personal websites and apps, with a particular interest in website back-end and front-end development. I am currently working on improving my UX/UI design skills through Udemy courses.

For image editing, I use Photoshop, and for video editing, I use Camtasia and Premier Pro. My simple desk setup consists of two 60hz monitors.

Over time, I have acquired extensive knowledge and experience in development and continue to learn new things to enhance my skills further.